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Common Error on Subtitle Workshop

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In teaching the basics of Subtitle workshop for beginners, I always start by asking if they have a background in computers. Why? Because of the keyboard shortcuts. 

We all know what Ctrl+S means in Microsoft Word – But in Subtitle workshop, it’s a different story.

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Subtitle Workshop – New Version

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Part of a subtitler’s daily routine is translation. An average translator deals with 700 lines of translation everyday. That is about  thirty (30) minutes of the Total Running Time of a featured video.

In order to accomplish this task, you need a software that can handle the translation. Giving you a full view of the original text and can easily transfer to the translated text. We partially solved the problem before when we used Microscoft Excel to do the work, but we need more than just a two column translation format. There is also a need to watch the featured video running with the translated text simulating actual broadcast. In this case, we needed a new type of software that can do both, and that is Subtitle Workshop.

Subtitle Workshop Interface allows two column view

Subtitle Workshop Interface allows two column view










Subtitle Workshop is a software designed to give you a full two column view of the original and the translated text. Plus the capability to display the video together with the translated or the original text if needed. The good thing about Subtitle Workshop is that it’s compatible with Softni Subtitler Suite, another Subtitling software we use for spotting/time coding  subtitles.

Subtitle Workshop 4 v4.00

Subtitle Workshop 4 v4.00









Currently, Subtitle Workshop has a new version available for download, although I’m perfectly comfortable when using the old version 2.51, the new  Subtitle Workshop 4 v4.00 Beta software features a three column interface that allows you to have a third column called an alternative column. Perfect if you have an optional translation of a specific line of text. It also supports video preview mode and other new features.


Translation Theory and Practice

A Step by Step Process

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June 21, 2009 at 2:05 PM

Translation – Theory and Practice

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The Translation Seminar held last June 8, 2009 was very rewarding. Although we can humbly say we are knowledgeable in this field, yet there are some areas that we need to iron out. Yes, there is always enough room for improvement and to upgrade our knowledge.

We learned that basically, as translators, we need to be accurate in the sense that we need to deliver the message of the speaker without dropping anything. Thus, accuracy is a virtue every translator should have. And also, being natural and communicative is also part of the things we learned during the seminar. We should also be communicative, since we are now living in a world that becomes smaller everyday through modern technology, we need to adapt and communicate. We need to be understood by our target audience. Since we are dealing with international audience, we need to be as communicative as possible.

I can say It’s a very rewarding experience, I felt like I’m in my college days with all those group activities and workshops. I guess the real challenge now is applying what we’ve learned and making the most out this experience. I realized that we must always continue to grow and never stop learning.

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June 15, 2009 at 5:48 PM

Translation Seminar

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We are all excited this coming Monday, June 8, 2009 for the upcoming Translation Seminar to be held in Pampanga, Philippines. Translators and writers all over  different  departments are invited for this seminar. Participants from every department will also have a chance to meet and exchange ideas and new techniques to better strengthen the whole team.

Our department is expected to attend this seminar, since we are tasked for subtitling. We are psyched about this seminar because of the fact that we ought to wear things we don’t usually wear. Since we mainly focus on translation, we don’t have a dress code or uniform. But for this particular event we are required to wear formal wear. I was thinking if I would look like James Bond with his suit on. Well, I’m not the hero type person. Since we are used to wearing our normal casual clothes, we need to embark on this new journey of style and fashion. Of course you are not there because you can show off  your taste concerning clothes, you are there for the very purpose on improving your craft.

 Since the topic is focused mainly on translations, we expect  workshops for better sentence construction, choice of words and common errors. Sometimes, this common errors can pull you down and degrade the quality of your work. So being aware of your weakness and strength is a must.

I always remember that  you should always think that there is always room for improvement. There are new things out there that with proper research and application will help you with your task.

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June 6, 2009 at 9:46 PM

Subtitle Length

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My friends and I are discussing some major translation changes and improvement, when suddenly the topic went to subtitling projects. We had this project a few years back, it was a 1 hour business seminar. It’s all business talk and strategies. We had about 1,000 lines of text for that project. Our transcribers had a hard time because of the speaker’s accent.

One of my colleagues said, “It’s easier to put subtitles on movies with lesser conversations.” I agree, take for example the movie Wall-E, it will take less time to prepare and edit.

One of them was joking around, “How about sex scandals and sex videos?” Well, I think you don’t need captions for such. Although it’s easy to put subtitles on sex videos, but I personally would refuse to such projects. There are now sex scandals of celebrities such as of Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho.

Anyway, the length of subtitle text actually varies depending on the video. As I’ve mentioned, a 1 hour business seminar can have more lines compared to a 2 hour movie like Wall-E.

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June 1, 2009 at 5:49 AM

Subtitling – New Project Adjustment

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Early this day, we had a new project and we are asked to put subtitles on a featured video.

One problem I encountered was the subtitles will not fit the lower left side of the screen because of a space provided for sign language. So we immediately analyzed the problem.

Since we need to keep the center alignment of the subs, we must change the orientation of the subs. We must move the center a few points to the left to give additional space.

These are the adjustments:


New adjustment

New adjustment











 Increase the horizontal position relative to the center. 


These will be your output.


New adjustment output

New adjustment output

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May 31, 2009 at 6:40 PM

Filipino Subtitling – A Few Tips on Transcription

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The key to a good subtitle is good transcription. Translators rely on transcriptions to accurately translate from one language to another. Thus, a minor error can result to inaccurate translation and logically, bad subtitles.

Subtitling is a process, and each process requires full attention. Remember that  transcription or transcribing is the first phase of subtitling. Read more…