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Subtitle Delay Solution

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A week ago, we experienced something a bit disturbing in the area of subtitling. We all asked ourselves, why is there a 1 second delay on our subtitling project?

We gathered and consulted the technical team and tried to resolve the issue at once. Everything was reviewed and considered by our team, including the materials used for the whole project.

The problem? Well it’s a bit complicated yet simple in a way. We discovered an anomaly concerning file conversion.

The files used to spot the project is from a WMV format converted to a VCD format. While the final DVD video is not converted from the smaller file.

It is suitable to convert from DVD to VCD and use the same converted file for the whole project.

There are other causes to these delays which I plan to discuss one by one. 

Feel free to comment and share you experience so we can exchange ideas and techniques.

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June 11, 2010 at 11:35 PM

Be Careful With File Conversion

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ColorBarsVideo file formats can also be a big problem in subtitling. In some cases, if you have a .WMV file and you try to convert it to .MPEG1, chances are the audio will be delayed.

I’m not an expert on video, but converting a lower file format to a higher format can be risky. I am speaking out of experience here. It’s like trying to stretch a 1×1 ID picture into a 10×10 portrait. Imagine the result.

Another thing is when it comes to spotting and translation, the audio doesn’t match the video. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s like video streaming quality.

If you experience video conversion errors, try restarting your PC. If it doesn’t work, and the problem is still there, then try converting your files on another PC. You can easily isolate the problem by doing so.

It’s safer to convert from a higher format to a lower one. Just like DVD MPEG2 to a WMV, or an AVI to MPEG.


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July 21, 2009 at 11:01 PM

File Conversion – Video File Formats for DVD Authoring

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In DVD subtitling, the final phase is when you start authoring the DVD. But there is the issue of file format, when it does, then, file conversion is a must.

Uncompressed AVI is a common format when you render in an Editing Software. Read more…

A Step by Step Process

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June 29, 2009 at 8:43 PM