Be Careful of Internet Credit Card Transactions

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I’ve haven’t realized the dangers of internet transactions using credit cards not until I fell victim to one.

A month after my second or probably my last internet transaction, I was in a Department Store with my friends enjoying a normal weekend shopping. We’ve agreed to use my credit card to pay for our items since payday is a couple of days ahead. After an hour, we all met on the cashier to scan our items. To my surprise, the sales lady told me that there is problem with my card.

“Sir, your card is suspended, you need to call customer service” I don’t know what to say, I just mumbled – “Can you assist me please.”

They immediately called customer service and I spoke to one of their representatives.

I was told that my card was charged with two items which they are trying to confirm if I made those charges. They’ve given me the date of purchase and I am very sure that I’m not the one who did it. The courteous lady told me that for security purposes, they disabled my card to avoid unauthorized transactions.

Slowly accepting my fate, I was already planning to leave all my purchases, good thing I have my debit card in my pocket and solved my very own personal crisis.

So, after that horrible experience, I learned a lesson.

Be careful of internet credit card transactions.


Written by addjdl

January 30, 2010 at 7:52 AM

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