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How to Speed up the Translation Process

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This past few weeks, often we see ourselves on rush to beat our deadline. In the past, I can remember sleepless nights just to finish a single project, but thank God we are able to speed up the process. We held meetings and seminars to iron out the problems. During those meetings, we formulated ways to speed up the process and to increase the quality of our work. Suggestions came in concerning proper distribution of tasks, translation seminars and many more. I tell you they were never easy.

Speeding up the translation process is like a big department store. You need to create different sections of concern. Imagine yourself in a mall looking for some items like clothes, shoes, and bags. There are different sections for children clothes and teen clothes. Very much like transcription and translation. You need to have a different teams working on transcription and translation. As they say, experts on that field. You can be able to train master transcribers able to type at lightning speeds.

In your average bookstore, books are grouped per category. You have a different section for children’s books and adult books and even games for kids. They are grouped per subject and category.  Translations can also be grouped per category, basically per language. We have different translators per program to familiarize the translator. We created teams who will be responsible for a specific program. We don’t mix them up so we will not create troubles during deadlines.

We Always Prepare After the Worst


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October 31, 2009 at 8:41 PM

We Always Prepare After the Worst

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This is just another personal observation.

We all know the effects of the recent typhoons that flooded major parts of Luzon in the Philippines.

I’ve read a couple of news articles blaming the government for what happened. While others blame themselves. I did not write this to blame anyone, but I just want to express my feeling by asking a couple of question and just answer them in our hearts.

Have we done our best to prepare for the worst? Do we practice safety precautions and practice safety procedures? Are we preparing ourselves for disaster and calamities?

Let us start asking ourselves before blaming anyone. Let us start thinking ahead and prepare.

After we’ve witnessed the aftermath of these things, do we just prepare after the worst?

Written by addjdl

October 24, 2009 at 5:33 PM

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