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We all love shortcuts, the fact that we have instant coffee and instant noodles is because we want it fast and affordable.

Before, if you want to get a passport, it means a whole day of standing in line and waiting, but not anymore. Just recently, Pilipinas Teleserv opened a new option that changes everything.

dfaIt’s called DFA Express Passport Delivery Service. Not all Filipinos are aware of the service. The long queues explain everything.

I tried the service  third week of August and I had my passport delivered yesterday, September 12, roughly two weeks.

The good:

1. You just need to go to DFA just once for your signature and thumb print.

2. No more waiting, I only spent 30 minutes, if it had not been for my yellowish picture, I’m done in just 20.

Although a bit pricey  than the usual, it saves you time and energy for the long queues.

Dead People are Always Good People


Written by addjdl

September 13, 2009 at 7:11 PM

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