Who’s the True You?

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I’ve been wonderin’, back in the old times, there are no such thing as identification cards or I.D.’s. When I say old, I mean the primitive times when paper is not readily available.

Yes, I know that I.D.’s help prove the identity of a person. But now, it seems that I.D.’s are more important than the person who carry them.

I thought about it when my friend had a hard time with a bank transaction.  It’s normal for banks to ask for I.D.’s for proper identification, and he did provide his birth certificate for he had nothing. Funny thing is, the teller had this remark: “So, you’re not citizen of this country.” Why? Does having an ID prove you are? I’m just asking.

In our country, your most credible identification is your passport. But let me remind you, you can’t get a passport without providing 2 other I.D.’s. In that case, you need a driver’s license and a company I.D. But what if you don’t have a company I.D.? Yes, that’s a problem. You can’t have a passport. So you need a driver’s license. But there are also requirements on getting a driver’s license. It seems, having one I.D. is a never-ending battle. One document leading to another.

I’m not against I.D.’s, I just don’t like how you get them. Can we just have one universal I.D. to simplify everything? Just a thought. Maybe it’s possible. Between your I.D. and you, I was just thinking’ who’s the true you?

Dead People are Always Good People


Written by addjdl

August 28, 2009 at 3:23 AM

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