Filipino Subtitling – Subtitling – A Step by Step Process

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Before you can start subtitling, here are some preparations you need to do for DVD subtitling. I’ve created a sequence based on actual experience. Here they are:

1. Prepare your video format – Standard MPEG 2 (for authoring) and MPEG1VCD(for transcription). If your file is uncompressed AVI, you need to convert your video files first. Adobe Encore 2.0 accepts MPEG 2 DVD format. You can use Mainconcept MPEG Encoder to convert your files.

2. Transcription – Use the converted MPEG1VCD video file in transcribing. You don’t want you computer to hang up using large file formats such as MPEG 2. You can use Transana, a dedicated software for transcription. This software solved the problem of having to applications running by combining the word processor and the media player. If you don’t have Transana, any other word processor and media player will do. Good ears are essential to an accurate transcription. Pay attention to details such as names, places, or brands. You don’t want your viewers to be misled.

3. Time Coding/Spotting – I prefer to time code using the base language. It gives me time to review the transcriptions and enter corrections.

4. Translation/Editing – In Subtitle Workshop, start translating by dragging the base language .sub file first. This will set your base language on the left column. Then save your translated file under desired file name. You can configure Subtitle Workshop so it can display the video while running the subs. After translation, you can now open the translated file back in Softni to export your DVD files. Then you can proceed to DVD Authoring.

5. DVD Authoring – In Adobe Encore 2.0, import the video files you need, that is if you have other video files you want to include in your DVD. After your preferred sequence is done, you can now import the subtitles, and finally go to DVD burning.

Next time I’ll discuss these steps in detail, including common errors and other stuff.

Subtitle Style Settings and more.


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  5. Where can I get Mainconcept MPEG encoder? I hope you can provide information concerning file formats and conversion…I am having problems with my MPEG 2 when I try to import it on Adobe Encore.


    June 24, 2009 at 11:05 PM

  6. I am looking for an editor in English, I would like to know if you can help me in editing my scanlations…Thank you.


    June 24, 2009 at 11:08 PM

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