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How to create custom style subtitles in Softni Subtitler Suite –

Softni Subtitler Style Settings

Softni Subtitler Style Settings

You can make your own Subtitle Style or modify the Default Style in Softni Subtitler Suite.

To access Style Settings in Softni, click on Settings then choose Style Settings.

The default values are as follows:

Font: Arial 52 Position: Horizontal 50, Multiple Lines 15, Single Lines 10, Line Height 8, Ruby Separation 1 Alignment: Left 5, Right 95, Top 95, Bottom 5 Border: Width 5, Shadow Width 1 Color: Foreground 1, Background 11, Border 8

This is the output of the Default Style.

Softni Default Style Output

Softni Default Style Output

You can use the default values as your reference, and change them in the future depending on your preference.  But before you change the values, click the NEW button and assign a new name for your Style so your settings will be saved on the specified style name.

Now you have a new Subtitle Style.

My settings are designed for public viewing so I set my font size to 58 to make them more visible. I also adjust my subtitles when in extreme close-up, so the letters will not cover the speaker’s mouth. Note that subtitles are meant to aid and not to distract the viewers.

 Another tip is that subtitles are best viewed white.

Subtitling – A Step by Step Process.


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