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Filipino Subtitling – A Few Tips on Transcription

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The key to a good subtitle is good transcription. Translators rely on transcriptions to accurately translate from one language to another. Thus, a minor error can result to inaccurate translation and logically, bad subtitles.

Subtitling is a process, and each process requires full attention. Remember that  transcription or transcribing is the first phase of subtitling. Read more…


Filipino Subtitling – Subtitling – A Step by Step Process

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Before you can start subtitling, here are some preparations you need to do for DVD subtitling. I’ve created a sequence based on actual experience. Here they are:

1. Prepare your video format – Standard MPEG 2 (for authoring) and MPEG1VCD(for transcription). If your file is uncompressed AVI, you need to convert your video files first. Adobe Encore 2.0 accepts MPEG 2 DVD format. You can use Mainconcept MPEG Encoder to convert your files.

2. Transcription – Use the converted MPEG1VCD video file in transcribing. You don’t want you computer to hang up using large file formats such as MPEG 2. You can use Transana, a dedicated software for transcription. This software solved the problem of having to applications running by combining the word processor and the media player. If you don’t have Transana, any other word processor and media player will do. Good ears are essential to an accurate transcription. Pay attention to details such as names, places, or brands. You don’t want your viewers to be misled.

3. Time Coding/Spotting – I prefer to time code using the base language. It gives me time to review the transcriptions and enter corrections.

4. Translation/Editing – In Subtitle Workshop, start translating by dragging the base language .sub file first. This will set your base language on the left column. Then save your translated file under desired file name. You can configure Subtitle Workshop so it can display the video while running the subs. After translation, you can now open the translated file back in Softni to export your DVD files. Then you can proceed to DVD Authoring.

5. DVD Authoring – In Adobe Encore 2.0, import the video files you need, that is if you have other video files you want to include in your DVD. After your preferred sequence is done, you can now import the subtitles, and finally go to DVD burning.

Next time I’ll discuss these steps in detail, including common errors and other stuff.

Subtitle Style Settings and more.

Filipino Subtitling – Softni Subtitler Suite – Style Settings

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How to create custom style subtitles in Softni Subtitler Suite –

Softni Subtitler Style Settings

Softni Subtitler Style Settings

You can make your own Subtitle Style or modify the Default Style in Softni Subtitler Suite.

To access Style Settings in Softni, click on Settings then choose Style Settings.

The default values are as follows:

Font: Arial 52 Position: Horizontal 50, Multiple Lines 15, Single Lines 10, Line Height 8, Ruby Separation 1 Alignment: Left 5, Right 95, Top 95, Bottom 5 Border: Width 5, Shadow Width 1 Color: Foreground 1, Background 11, Border 8

This is the output of the Default Style.

Softni Default Style Output

Softni Default Style Output

You can use the default values as your reference, and change them in the future depending on your preference.  But before you change the values, click the NEW button and assign a new name for your Style so your settings will be saved on the specified style name.

Now you have a new Subtitle Style.

My settings are designed for public viewing so I set my font size to 58 to make them more visible. I also adjust my subtitles when in extreme close-up, so the letters will not cover the speaker’s mouth. Note that subtitles are meant to aid and not to distract the viewers.

 Another tip is that subtitles are best viewed white.

Subtitling – A Step by Step Process.

Photography – Morong Star Beach Resort

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Morong StarMorong Beach

Morong Beach

This shot was taken on a bright clear day in Morong Star Beach Resort.

Summer is always about relaxation and rest. It’s a fact that choosing a perfect spot for your summer escapade need not to be expensive. No need to overspend in going to first class beaches and taking long and tiring trips.

Just go back to the basic.

Why do you want to have a vacation? You want to ease the tension, the pressure. Maybe unwind a little. Savor a day without deadlines and other stuff. 

Why spend more when you can enjoy the same benefits of what nature has to offer in a fraction of the cost?

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Technology – Netbooks – Sony Vaio P Series

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Sony Vaio P Series

Sony Vaio P Series

Big and bulky laptops are becoming a thing of the past. Netbooks are now the latest trend when it comes to portable computing. Not as powerful as your desktop replacement, but they still pack some punch when it comes to specs.


Weighing only 1.4 pounds and an 8″ display, the new Sony Vaio P series definitely fits your lifestyle.

Features include a 1.33GHz Intel Processor, 2GB RAM and up to 60GB Hard Drive.

Other features include Turn-by-turn GPS Navigation, Smart display and long battery life up to 4 hours.

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Filipino Subtitling – Subtitling Software – Commercial Software and Open Source

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Softni Subtitler Suite InterfaceIn response to Gilbert Concepcion, here are some of the commercial and free or open source subtitling software I’ve used so far.

SOFTNI Subtitler Suite – Is a commercial subtitling software. The key advantage of this software is that it offers high quality subtitle output. The software lets you prepare, edit, time code, export DVD subtitles and even directly burn-in subtitles. (additional hardware required) Compatible with almost all hardware available in the market. One disadvantage is the price.

I use this software in preparing and exporting subtitles for DVD.

If you’re looking for a cheaper yet useful subtitling software, this is the one for you.

DivXLand Media Subtitler 2.0.5 – Enables you to time code and burn-in subtitles. One major advantage of this software: it’s for free! You can download it on this link. But speaking of quality, compared to Softni, it has lesser quality. Timing requires patience and practice.

There are many other subtitling software products out there, if you have any experience on how to use them, please share your views.

Filipino Subtitling – Tips and Tutorials – Importing FAB Script Image

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To import FAB Script Images in Adobe Encore 2.0, simply change the colon (:) into semicolon (;) in the text file.

The exported sub files using SOFTNI Subtitler Suite exports your sub file separated by colon (:).

In order to import subtitles, right click the text file, “open with” then choose word pad.

After that, hit “find and replace” and find (:) and replace them with (;).

You can now import the subtitles in you Adobe Encore 2.0 DVD authoring software.